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About the Northern Estates Programme

The Northern Estate Programme was commissioned in July 2014 to manage the refurbishment and redevelopment of a number of buildings on Parliament’s Northern Estate, aiming to deliver an estate with increased environmental performance, and improved security, safety and accessibility. Ahead of the restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster, NEP will develop additional space and facilities required for the House of Commons to temporarily move out of the Palace, including an operational chamber, committee rooms, and House support services.

Three listed buildings on the Northern Estate are overdue for major refurbishment:

  • Norman Shaw North (Grade I)
  • 1 Parliament Street (Grade II)
  • 1 Derby Gate (Grade II*)

The programme will also include:

  • some works on Norman Shaw South (Grade II*) The House of Commons has a legal obligation to protect these buildings and maintain their architectural and historical significance
  • The site of Canon Row, along with the buildings that stand there now, which have a long and interesting history
  • Norman Shaw South, which provides office space for MPs and their staff and was built in the 1890s
  • Portcullis House – opened in February 2001 to provide new offices for Members of Parliament and their staff
  • Richmond Terrace and House - this building became part of the Parliamentary Estate in January 2018, and will provide additional accommodation in the future

The buildings, built between 1864 and 1906, currently provide office accommodation to over 950 pass holders. While maintenance work has been ongoing, they have not had major refurbishments carried out in over twenty years. The refurbishment will: reduce the risk of building failure; improve fire safety and environmental performance; improve disability access between buildings; and increase and improve accommodation space, addressing issues with heating, ventilation and plumbing.

The Northern Estates programme has a high public profile and significant interdependencies with other major Programmes on the Parliamentary Estate. It carries substantial risks that will require robust management and has a growing commercial impact as it proceeds through the RIBA design phases (currently at Stage 2) and towards construction. The NEP is managed by a Programme Director, supported by a dynamic and growing team, and overseen by a Programme Board. The Programme is fast-moving and will require an experienced Commercial Director who will make a positive impact within a short time following their appointment and develop a skilled and competent team.

Further information about the Northern Estate is available here.